ICT 2018: Imagine Digital – Connect Europe @ AUSTRIA CENTER VIENNA
Dec 4 – Dec 6 all-day

CT 2018 will take place in Vienna on 4-6 December 2018. This research and innovation event will focus on the European Union’s priorities in the digital transformation of society and industry. It will present an opportunity for the people involved in this transformation to share their experience and vision of Europe in the digital age.

In an open and participatory event, organised by the European Commission and the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, citizens can join science community members, policymakers, and fellow ICT-enthusiasts to discuss the future in a digital Europe.

Explore ICT 2018

ICT 2018 will have four main components converging around the theme Imagine Digital – Connect Europe: Conference, Exhibition, Networking opportunities and Innovation and Startups forum.

The Conference programme will feature influential speakers and debates around the EU’s digital policy. The programme will involve relevant parties from industry, research and public bodies. The ‘Imagine18’ campaign will reach out to generations ranging from teenagers to the elderly to learn how citizens feel about the digital revolution and its effects on daily life.

As part of the ICT 2018 Exhibition programme, EU-funded research and innovation successes will be presented to the public. Visitors will also have the chance to meet the innovators behind these projects.

ICT 2018 offers networking opportunities both offline and online. Participants can meet and engage with the academic and research community, decision-makers, as well as business representatives.

The Innovation and Startups forum will bring together market-oriented innovators and investors, and will present marketable research and innovation results from EU-funded projects.


Ageing Asia Investment Forum
Dec 6 all-day

More info to come and see the website


Jan 29 – Jan 30 all-day

AgeingFit is the first european business convention dedicated to innovation in the healthy ageing sector.

AgeingFit is the European event dedicated to business partnerships and innovation in the healthy ageing sector. It brings together 600 actors from more than 20 countries, who contribute to identify tomorrow’s market needs and promote today’s innovative products and services for the Senior Market.

Silver Health covers the fields of prevention allowing seniors to be autonomous and in « good health » as long as possible, and also the care of old and sick people staying in hospitals or geriatric homes.

Silver Economy

Covering the needs and demands of seniors over 50, the Silver Economy covers many products and services using very different technologies, including home automation, sensors and connected objects.

The sector deals with the heterogeneous and difference of consumption between active retirees and dependent older people, and evolves within a complex financing ecosystem that does not facilitate a clear definition of the sector stakeholders relationships.

In this context, how can we predict that the Silver Economy will become a fully-fledged sector of activity where companies currently involved, would feel included, despite the diversity of their activities? What are the current and future initiatives to be taken in order to make the Silver Economy a clearly established economic and industrial sector?

Key reasons to attend

Because innovating alone has become a real challenge for any organization, regardless of its size or status, engaging in partnerships becomes inevitable to succeed.

Ageingfit offers a constructive framework to meet the needs of all players in regards to innovation in silver economy and health. During the last edition, all stakeholders’ profiles (industrials, retirement and nursing homes, associations, health insurance providers, investors, etc.) registered on the partnering platform to exchange and innovate together.

Ageingfit represents a unique opportunity to develop research and business collaborations, and to promote the innovation to foreign ecosystems, in order to facilitate partnerships in this new and promising sector.


To best meet the demands of the sector, AgeingFit combines 4 activities:

One-to-one meetings: Meet your future business or innovation partners during one-to-one meetings

Innovation pitches: Discover the services, products and technologies of tomorrow in Silver Economy and Health

Exhibition: Be involved and play an active role in the sector

Conferences and roundtable discussions: Find out about the latest trends and issues of the sector


China International Senior Services Expo
Mar 31 – Apr 2 all-day

China’s senior population — those aged 60 and above — is expected to reach 255 million by 2020, according to a State Council plan. By 2020, senior citizens will account for 17.8 percent of the total population, and the number of people aged 80 or older will reach 29 million, said the plan on the development of the elderly during the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) period. The senior care industry has developed quickly over the last five years but remains woefully inadequate to cope with the projected increase in the elderly population in China. Elderly care service facilities will be built in new communities and updated in old ones. More innovative elderly care service mode will be explored, including those that involve cooperation with the health care, insurance, education and tourism industry. Non-government actors and foreign investors will be encouraged to support the development of the sector

The State Council issued a plan on Oct 27, 2016 to promote the development of the rehabilitation and assistive products industry, aimed at meeting the growing demand of rehabilitation services in China and strengthening its competitiveness. The cabinet made the goal that the output of the industry will surpass 700 billion yuan ($103.3 billion), a number of world-class Chinese brands and related industrial clusters will emerge and its share in high-end market will see a significant increase by 2020, according to the document. The plan put forward four major tasks, concerning innovation capability, industry upgrade, effective market supply and a favorable market environment, to enhance industry development. Corporations in the industry are also encouraged to carry out international cooperation in trade, technology, and investment and production capability

As the part of “Health China” plan, Aging Care Industry has been included in national strategy. China’s 13th Five-Year Plan attaches great importance to Aging Care Industry, and it shows that: on the basis of household service, China’s aging care industry will establish a multi-layer aging service system that is supported by the communities, and supplemented by institution, to integrate medical industry and aging care industry together.It is forecasted that, the aged people in China will top 400 million, and it will consume 11.5 trillion RMB yearly, account for 13.5% of GDP roughly.

Boasting the key metropolitan and core city within Bohai Sea Ring Area, Beijing has unique strengths comparing other cities, attracting overseas enterprises to penetrate their business in Chinese aging care Industry.The country was found to have the fastest aging population among countries around east Asia and the Pacific in recent report by the world bank, which said China’s Population is growing faster than any other region in History.People aged over 65 years old account for more than 10 percent of China’s total population, compare with standard 7 percent used globally an aging society.More non –government entities will be allowed to enter the sector and private funds are encouraged to invest, including overseas investors.

Environments for Aging Expo & Conference @ Calvin L. Rampton Salt Palace Convention Center
Apr 7 – Apr 9 all-day

Discover the Latest Strategies, Products and Ideas in Design for Aging Lifestyles

The Environments for Aging Expo & Conference offers the latest strategies and ideas for creating functional and attractive living environments that meet the needs of our aging population. During this comprehensive three-day learning experience, attendees will network with peers while learning the latest innovations and best practices in senior friendly design for long-term and residential care settings.

Community tours offer insights into innovations of senior living designs. These walk-throughs provide real-life examples of incorporating best practice techniques, new enrichment opportunities, and memory & dementia care focused design.

Workshops provide an in-depth look at processes and procedures utilized across continuum of care, from CCRC design where some residents may still be independent, to memory and dementia care design.

Explore Senior Living Design at Conference & Workshops

Attendees will share common goals and innovations as well as building, architecture, and best practices. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain inspiration through a gathering of like-minded, forward-thinking individuals instrumental in the creation of future living environments for the aging. Best practices for products and materials, along with current trends in colors, mood setting, and use of space all contribute to the various aspects of senior friendly design.

Highlights of the EFA Conference include:

  • Outdoor Environments in CCRC Design
  • Best practices in the design of long-term and residential care settings.
  • Innovation and development in design for aging lifestyles
  • Networking with like-minded individuals


Who Should Attend?

  • Architects
  • Owners
  • Developers
  • Facilities managers
  • Design professionals
  • Product manufacturers
  • Government officials
  • Gerontologists & other aging experts

Association Partners

The Environments for Aging Expo & Conference is presented by Environments for Aging and The Center for Health Design, and the following associations:

Center for Health Design
 ASID  Sage LogoIIDA







American Geriatrics Society (AGS) Annual Scientific Meeting
May 1 – May 4 all-day

More information soon



10th international ageing asia innovation forum 2019
May 14 all-day

The annual Ageing Asia Innovation Forum (AAIF) is Asia’s most influential platform on the sustainability of ageing where developers, health + care operators and investors identify social and economic opportunities driven by Asia’s 1.2 billion ageing population.

This dedicated programme is curated to stage the World’s most innovative health and eldercare models, and disrupt the industry with creative and innovative ideas that will pick your brains to rethink aged care.


Annual International Conference on Demography and Population Studies
Jun 17 – Jun 20 all-day

Academic members responsible for the conference:

  • Dr. Barbara Zagaglia, Academic Member, ATINER & Assistant Professor, Polytechnic University of Marche, Italy.
  • Dr. Gregory A. Katsas, Vice President of Academic Affairs, ATINER & Associate Professor, The American College of Greece-Deree College, Greece.
  • Dr. Chris Sakellariou, Vice-President of Finance, ATINER & Associate Professor, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
British Society of Gerontology
Jul 10 – Jul 12 all-day

The University of Liverpool is delighted to be hosting the 48th Annual Conference of the British Society of Gerontology in 2019. On behalf of the Society, we warmly welcome you to Liverpool – a diverse and international city, and the home of the first Red Brick University. Liverpool is an old and culturally diverse city. It is the home fantastic theatres, museums, Tate Liverpool, the Philharmonic Concert Hall and two iconic cathedrals. It has a historic river front and easy access to a great coastline, including Anthony Gormley’s coastal sculptures: ‘Another Place’. Liverpool has experienced both the highs and lows of economic prosperity and experiences great social inequalities. The Metro Mayor, Steve Rotherham and the Liverpool City Region “want to drive prosperity, encourage innovation and expand opportunities for people and communities in every part of our City Region.”

Our Conference theme aligns to that aspiration: Resilience and Living Well in Local Communities . It builds on the BSG 2018 conference theme: ageing in an unequal world, focusing in on local communities. Research into ageing is a priority for the University of Liverpool and it has a multi-disciplinary approach to ageing from social gerontology, psychology, engineering, health research through to basic science. We will bring this multidisciplinary approach to the 2019 conference. The conference will harness the skills of researchers, scholars, practitioners and older people to address the question: how can we all promote resilience for local people and our local communities?

The British Society of Gerontology is a leading forum for the advancement of gerontological research and knowledge across the United Kingdom, and our annual conferences attract attendees from around the world. Whether new to research on ageing, a first-time attendee, a PhD student or a long-established member, whether interested in older people, ageing populations or intergenerational issues, at the conference you will discover a stimulating, diverse and engaging network of academics, students, researchers, policy makers and practitioners. Our common goal is to advance gerontological research, education, theory and practice in order to ensure improved quality of life for all.

We look forward to welcoming you to Liverpool in 2019.

With best wishes from the Conference Chair

Long Term Care 2019
Sep 17 – Sep 19 all-day

The Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA) in partnership with the Global Ageing Network are hosting the leading international event for professionals and consumers of long-term care and aging services. Transforming Aging Together will build on Ontario Long Term Care Association’s Fall conference, This is Long Term Care, and the Global Ageing Network’s Biennial international conferenceto profile emerging research and innovation and successful quality initiatives in a unique forum dedicated to shared learning and professional networking.

We are seeking sessions that will deliver big ideas, new models, novel technologies, emerging trends, and revolutionary processes that demonstrate compelling leadership for aged care practice and operations. Conference delegates should expect to participate in interactive sessions, and gain both inspirational ideas and practical tools, as well as forge new partnerships, both locally and abroad.