International Federation on Ageing 13th Global Conference
Jun 21 – Jun 23 all-day

The International Federation on Ageing (IFA) 13th Global Conference on Ageing will provide a platform for decision makers, practitioners, researchers, service providers, and community members to share their experiences to support and empower rapidly ageing populations worldwide.  The Conference will be among the first to take place after the conclusion of the post-2015 UN Development Goals and the revision of the Hyogo Framework for Action on Disaster Reduction.

The central theme of the 13th IFA Conference will be on natural and human-induced disasters and health emergencies in an ageing world, in a program that will explore approaches to risk reduction (e.g. mass gatherings), readiness, resilience, response and recovery with the goal of understanding how to establish and design more age friendly, disaster prepared communities.   Such activities are increasingly part of the daily organisation, planning and delivery of services for older persons, and their engagement in society.

The IFA is interested in innovative approaches in planning and coping with a variety of disasters, health emergencies, and knowledge about disaster planning and response for and by older people in developing countries.

Older people are often vulnerable during and after disasters.  This extends beyond psychosocial, physical and functional limitations to the loss of home, family and income, and to reduce long term social integration.  Yet, older people are key contributors in society to ensuring better preparedness, resiliency, and to the spirit of recovery, demonstrating natural leadership and survival skills. This specific international platform provides for the exchange of ideas and points of connection for practitioners, policy makers and researchers, many stakeholders working to generate more disaster prepared communities for older people, while also strengthening communities and systems in support of the health, quality of life, and dignity of older persons.

The Conference is of interest to professionals, researchers, and organisations in the fields of ageing, income security, aged rights and aged care sectors, disability, and in emergency management (prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery/rehabilitation) such as, national and international government and non-governmental aid and service organisations, security forces and first responders (military, police, fire-fighters) public health, medical and health care, emergency and humanitarian logistics, urban planning and design, and the IT community.

This Conference aims to explore:

  • Impact of disasters on older people
  • Building individual and community resilience for older people –  new initiatives/programs, preparation, engagement and recovery (e.g. through animals);
  • Risk reduction and disaster mitigation for older people
  • Planning, designing and caring for older people in disasters
  • Working with older people to co-design, plan, prepare and respond to disasters and rebuild their lives and others in their communities
  • Role of public health in assisting with disaster response, recovery and resilience for older people’s needs and priorities
  • Risk management strategies for facilities, programs and situations to support older people during disasters including the risks management strategies associated with mass gatherings
  • Access to affordable insurance for older people
  • Technology in disaster response for older people incorporating usability, skill development and social media
  • Leadership for and by older people in disasters – planning, preparation, response and recovery
  • Volunteers: engagement, training and support with and for older people
  • International disasters – learnings about readiness, resilience and recovery for older people in all forms of disaster (e.g. Communicable Diseases, Natural disasters)
  • Explore other aged related and more general issues impacting the quality of life of older people.