INDIA is aging

The population of the elderly in India is increasing and the country is poised to become home to the second largest number of older people in the world, a new government report said. “The share of the elderly (age 60 and older) in India’s population increased slowly from around 5-6 per cent between 1961 and 1981, but because the total[Read More…]

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KOREA: Society Ageing

Even though an aged society is rapidly approaching, there are virtually no means to enhance the welfare of the elderly. To make matters worse, their lives are further threatened because a substantial number of them are unable to find jobs, despite their capabilities. According to a tally from the National Statistical Office, the number of senior citizens over 65 years[Read More…]

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Brazil’s Fertility Falls Below Two-Child Average

Document sans titre Recent population estimates from Brazil’s national statistical office (IBGE) peg the national fertility rate at just 1.9 lifetime children per woman in 2007, lower than previous rates estimated by the UN, the U.S. Census Bureau, PRB, and other international organizations that estimate population measures. Notably, this new estimate is below the long-term replacement fertility rate of 2.1[Read More…]

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