Ask TV-viewers to comment on the remote controls provided by their cable company and nearly everyone will tell you the same thing: “Too Many Buttons!”

Many of today’s remotes resemble the cockpit of a jetliner and as remotes have become more complex, seniors and the technically unsavvy long for a “kinder, gentler” way to help avoid interruptions when watching their favorite TV shows. Press one wrong button and kablooey: the dreaded Blue Screen, a snow squall, HDMI-3 or a program being broadcast in a strange-sounding foreign language!

Meet the Solution to this Common, Frustrating Problem: BUTTON BLOCKER® is a removable cover that snaps onto standard issue pay-TV remote controls quickly & easily. Its patent-pending design allows access to the subset of buttons which are most commonly used and covers up the others— making it impossible to press “wrong” buttons. It can be removed and refitted in seconds. Easy-peasy.

Button Blocker, LLC, is the single-product start-up located in West Boylston, Massachusetts which manufactures, markets and sells the device. Founder Jack McDaniel reports: “Every day millions of viewers watching TV press one or more buttons out of sequence on their remote which results in their TV becoming uncontrollable and unwatchable. When this happens, the viewer is taken to a place from which they are unfortunately unable to return. Feeling helpless, they must place an embarrassing phone call to a family member or to Customer Service at the cable company to help them “fix” (reset) their TV. In a 2014 study, one out of six respondents reported that when this happens, they become so frustrated and upset that they stop watching TV.”

McDaniel explains: “With a Button Blocker® fitted onto the remote, the user has access to the buttons they want and need and not the ones they don’t. TV-viewing becomes infinitely more enjoyable because there are no interruptions. It’s a ‘Set it & Forget It’ type of deal”.

The device sells for about $10 and can be ordered though the company’s website. Button Blocker® makes a perfect holiday gift for loved ones and family members. McDaniel says emotionally: “No one likes seeing someone they care about struggle with something that should be so darn easy.”

Button Blocker® is molded of unbreakable polycarbonate and is backed by an unlimited lifetime warranty. Models are currently available for Comcast, DirecTV and Charter Communications remote controls, with other models to follow soon. Advance pre-orders for all models can be placed on the company’s website:

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