Australia : The 50-somethings are reshaping the labour market

The 50-somethings are reshaping the labour market. Over the past decade, ageing baby boomers in the over-55 year age bracket have increased their share of the workforce from 8 per cent to 11.5 per cent, with their job growth in some years topping 10 per cent, an Age/Sydney Morning Herald study has found. The employment forecast has found that there are now[Read More…]

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Many Older Workers are Opting to Stay in the Job Market

It’s been said that some things simply get better with age, whether it is a vintage car or a fine wine. The same can be said about today’s older workers and job applicants — many of whom are choosing to remain in the workforce far past what had formerly been the expected retirement age. More of these seasoned workers who[Read More…]

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KOREA : 1 in 3 Workers will be Over 55 by 2025

In 2025, the proportion of Korea’s older workers will be the highest in the world due to a rapid ageing of the population, says a report from the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Kim Won-jong, an official from Directorate for Employment, Labor and Social Affairs in OECD, said that Korea’s proportion of aged workers will rise to 28.6[Read More…]

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AUSTRALIA: Improving the skills of aged care workers

More than 20,000 aged care nurses and personal care workers will have the opportunity to upgrade their skills through two new Australian Government-funded training programs, the Federal Minister for Ageing, Julie Bishop, said today. The Australian Government is inviting applications for funding to provide training for the aged care workforce. Ms Bishop encouraged aged care providers to use the Government’s[Read More…]

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KOREA: Ageing and Employment Policies

In the face of rapid population ageing and the trend towards early retirement, there is a need to promote better employment opportunities for older people. Much has been said about the need for reform of old-age pensions and early retirement schemes but this may not be sufficient to raise employment rates for older people significantly or to reduce the future[Read More…]

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Older workers in Finland

Finland is generally regarded as the model for a strategic approach to the issues arising from an ageing workforce. In 1998, the government set up a 5-year National Program for Ageing Workers. It identified six major issues for concern : _ early retirement; _ low rate of labour force participation among ageing workers; _ low rates of re-employment; _ reduced[Read More…]

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