The world’s population is getting older. Global Aging is going to be one of the main challenges to be faced by businesses. The Age Economy (Global Aging) Book addresses subjects as population aging, silver economy and the Seniormarket.

The summary shows a real guide for businesses and organizations that want to develop on the Silver Economy and the Seniormarket or that want to take advantage of growth opportunities allowed by population aging.

Businesses will find in this book, an overview of the latest demographic and economic changes. Its author, the advisor Frederic Serriere speaks about strategies to succeed, including analyzes of strategies used by successful players.

Many cases of companies, research findings, studies and interviews of CEO illustrate the viewpoint.


Global Aging

Seniors will drive half the consumption in 2030 in the USA
Company ceo are cautiously interest
Global aging in the World
Ten challenges
Why technologies are struggling to grow
Just in time
Seven factors of coherence to invest successfully

Economic Impacts & consumption

A market of 3492 billion of dollars
13 impacts of population aging on consumption
Population aging will reduce global economic growth
A growth opportunity for business
Alzheimer worldwide : the figures
An old Asia before being rich?

60plus changes

Demographic changes
Understanding Aging
Stagnating life expectancy in good health
60plus’ economic conditions
Decline in 60plus’ standard of living
Political developments with aging?


Health becomes more important
Will to saty young
Development of the old age
Slower society
More individuals and more women
Millions of caregivers
Always active with more free time
Intergenerational relationships

60plus, a heterogeneous population

Old at what age?
Heterogeneous population
Segmentation needed
No miracle segmentation
Segmentation by age
Segmentation by Generation
Segmentation by values
Segmentation by life stages
Segmentation by health status
Segmentation by revenues
Segmentation by decision factors

Boomers, a specific generation

May 68 and its influence
A generation that will boost the Seniormarket
10 things to know about marketing to Boomers
7 Trends Boomers and housing


Different strategies
Generational strategies
Multigenerational strategies
Intergenerational strategies
Ageless Strategies
Target the needs
A global viewpoint needed
Human ressources


Targeting Seniors
60plus and advertising
Strategy: Com’GI matrix
Generational-generational Advertisements
Generational-generational Advertisements
intergenerational generational Advertisements
intergenerational-generational Advertisements
Generational expectations
Effects of aging
Cognitive Age

Distribution & Sales

Medical shops
Home Services
Online and distance Selling
Specialized shops for Seniors
Direct sales
Direct marketing
Target caregivers